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"Lisa helped us make Paso Verde School a reality. It was her experience and credibility that helped us deliver a beautiful new campus serving hundreds of Natomas families." 

-Phil Serna, Sacramento County Supervisor

Sacramento hasn't had an easy run of things lately - from COVID to distance learning to struggling businesses to people unable to afford a place to live. We can do better, but we need strong leadership coupled with compassionate advocacy for what's right. My mother and grandmother instilled in me from a young age that if you can help, you should help. 

I love building coalitions of people who work together to solve problems. 

That's what I've done on the school board, as a lawyer, small business owner, PTA Mom, and even as a Girl Scout Leader. I'm running to represent you on the Sacramento City Council - because I can help our city recover and thrive. I hope to earn your support in the June 7 election. 

Let's get to work!


"I’ve known Lisa for over 20 years, and we served as a colleagues on the California School Boards Association. She is a dedicated hard-working public servant who cares about her community."


-Bobbie Singh Allen, Mayor of Elk Grove 

"She will listen, do her research, and make a decision based on what is best for everyone. Lisa means what she says and does what she means." 

- Margie Rueb, Parent, PTA Member

"She has earned a well-deserved reputation as a leader who can be counted on to solve problems and get things done."

-Steve Hansen, Former Sacramento City Councilmember

"Lisa is knowledgeable, collaborative and a problem solver. She doesn’t shy away from tough issues and is always making sure that every decision we make benefits our community."

-Susan Heredia, Natomas USD Board Member

On Lisa’s watch, the Natomas School Board:

  • Fought for safer pandemic learning and working conditions for students, teachers, and staff

  • Protected mental health services to meet students’ emotional needs

  • Ensured that hungry kids and families had nutritious food—even on weekends

  • Improved test scores and graduation rates over the last 10 years

  • Expanded services for homeless students

  • Secured critical funding for construction of a new aquatic center

  • Built every school next to a park

  • Provided access to COVID vaccines, testing and other health needs for schools and neighborhoods

"I’ve worked with Lisa professionally and as a fellow school board member. I’ve seen firsthand that Lisa’s public service is a reflection of her values. She works hard and is dedicated to doing what is right. As a Councilwoman, Lisa will fight tirelessly for children, families, and businesses to thrive. I'm supporting Lisa because she will put her communities and neighborhoods first."


-Nancy Chaires Espinoza, Elk Grove USD Board Trustee

On the Sacramento City Council, Lisa will forge new coalitions to:

  • Make Sacramento’s communities safer for children and families to live, work, and play

  • Strengthen community policing

  • Partner with local schools to increase extra-curricular opportunities

  • Invest in local businesses

  • Expand housing affordability

  • Work with the city and county to lift people out of homelessness and into housing and treatment programs

"She’s a mom and school board member with a deep commitment to improving the challenges the city is facing right now."

-Eric Guerra, Sacramento City Councilmember

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